About Hen Hagalil

Chen Galilee Tours is a leading transportation company, operating mainly in the central zone of the country and in particular in the Gush Dan and Rishon area.
As an integral part of the Credo guiding the Company's activity, we offer a variety of shuttle options to public organizations and private customers alike, while maintaining high standards of safety and performance. The Company offers designated transportation services such as transportation for events, weddings, shuttle trips and more ...

✔ Transportation for public organizations: organized transport for children and students to schools and nurseries and back and forth transportation for workers. Regular shuttle services proved to be the best solution to public organizations wishing to transport a large group of people safely and in time.
✔ Transportation for private events: bar mitzvahs, weddings or any other event.
Suitable for events, tours and even entertainment. Transportation for Bar Mitzvah or just bringing together groups of guests from different places to the event in a safe and pleasant manner.
✔ Transportation services for tourism purposes: from small groups to a large number of people - just choose where and we'll take you there.
✔ Transportation for special needs: The company also provides specialized solutions for disabled or elderly passengers who can enjoy with the ride with the entire group thanks to specially adapted vehicles.

The company has a fleet of modern luxury vehicles including:
Luxury buses, midibusses, minibuses, special vehicles to transport disabled persons. All the Company vehicles are equipped with wireless connection.

Choosing Chen Galilee Tours means you chose a great ride!
Whether you choose to book a luxurious bus, a minibus or even a vehicle to transport a disabled person, all of the company's vehicles are modern, providing their passengers with luxurious comfort and maintained according to the most professional and safe standards, complying with all the requirements and rules of the Ministry of Transportation. Chen Galilee Tours employs a team of experienced drivers and safety officer, who are courteous and committed to service.

Chen Galilee Tours provides transportation services all over the country.
The Company's offices are located on 44 Hatzabar St., Rishon Lezion. Our professional and courteous service will allow you to put aside all concerns related to logistics, safety and getting to your destination, since all you have to know is that you are in good hands throughout the entire ride.

Please contact us and we'll be happy to be of assistance
  039587757 Yoav 
052-6371771 or via Tel 036040404 or via FAX 


צרו קשר בטלפון 0526371771 יואב או בטלפון  036040404 .תוכלו למלא את הפרטים הבאים ונציגנו יחזרו אליכם.

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